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Respected by artists & collectors throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for over 30 years.

For over 30 years, the Carla Massoni Gallery has worked in collaboration with architects, developers, interior design firms, art consultants, and non-profit organizations to bring art to the workplace. We have been honored to work with the US State Department’s Art in Embassies Program placing our artists work in American embassies throughout the world. We have placed works of art in SoHo lofts, New Jersey pharmaceutical companies, Delaware corporations, Baltimore non-profits, and Washington, DC law firms and associations. We provide a conduit for artists to interact with the business community by arranging opportunities for their work to appear in journals, newsletters and national publications.

Below is a list of the artists with artwork currently available in our shop. We will be adding more so please check back.

If you are a collector or designer who prefers to work with Carla Massoni personally please email info@massoniart.com or call the MassoniArt Gallery at 410.778.7330.

All artwork is shipped unframed.

Current Artists:

Marc Castelli

“I first started painting the workboats of the Chesapeake from the dockside views that were the only angles available to me at the time. Now I spend hundreds of hours each year out on the water with the watermen who have learned that they can trust me to paint the truth of their lives and not to tell the stories that they trust me with.”

View work by Marc Castelli

Michael Kahn

“Michael Kahn approaches photography much the way the poet approaches haiku. He brings a mastery of technique and skill. But, it is as an artist that he creates images that transcend time and place.”
- Carla Massoni, from the dust jacket for Over the Dunes by Michael Kahn

View work by Michael Kahn

Coming Soon:


Anne Leighton Massoni

“The act of remembering is what currently drives Massoni’s work. To visually navigate the stories in her mind…to remember stories that may not exist, to imagine stories not yet told. “


Zemma Mastin White

“Zemma Mastin White is a painter, and printmaker. She has discovered an inspiring interchange between painting and printmaking. Her focus is about mark making.“